Re Roof Questions People Ask A Roofing Specialist

13 October 2015
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When you are thinking about whether to tear down your worn roof or to re-roof, you have some important things to consider, such as the condition of your existing roof and the type of material you want to use for a re-roof. So to help you make the final decision, here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the value and benefit of a re-roof versus a complete tear down for a new roof.

Why Is A Re-Roof Better Than A Completely New Roof? --  A re-roof is a process in which new roofing material is laid over an existing roof. In some instances, a re-roof is more beneficial than a complete tear down, because it can save you money. A re-roof requires less labour because roofing specialists don't have to go through the process of stripping off the old roof, and they don't have to rent waste containers to transport your old roofing to a dump. Roofing contractors also don't have to install new backing or an underlayer for a re roof, because your existing roof acts as the base material. A re-roof also provides you with two layers of roofing protection, even if the lower layer isn't as strong as the new top layer.

How Will One Know If Their Roof Qualifies For a Re-Roof? -- Typically, roofing specialists will inspect your existing roof to determine if there are any large holes, leaks or extensive damage that would make a re-roof impossible. They must also determine if your house will support the added weight of an additional roof. For example, roofing material such as slate may be too heavy to support another type of material that is installed on top. But if your existing roof is worn down but doesn't show signs of extensive damage, it may be an ideal candidate for a re-roof instead of a tear down.

Does One Have To Use the Same Roofing Material For a Re Roof? -- No, you aren't limited to using the same roofing material for the re-roof, though this may be more advantageous for your roofing specialist, because it's easier to re-roof using the same material for the new layer. However, if you do choose a new roofing material, steel is often recommended as an option, because it is a lightweight yet durable material that has outstanding reflective properties, which makes your roof more energy efficient, and it can be installed in sheets or in shingles that are cut to resemble asphalt shingles.