Answers to the Most Commonly Asked Questions About Metal Roofs

17 February 2016
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Metal roofs can be a great choice for any residential home, as they can offer more insulating properties than standard shingles and tiles and may last for much longer between needed repairs and maintenance. Metal is also easy to recycle so it's a very eco-friendly choice. If you're thinking of a metal roof for your home, note a few questions about this option and then discuss this choice with a roofing contractor.

1. Can a metal roof be put over an existing roof?

In many cases you can have a metal roof put right over your current roof, depending on the condition of the tiles and other materials. If you're worried about the cost, time, or refuse that is involved with a new roof, you might ask your roofing contractor if they can simply put the metal roof over your current roof. This can mean less time to have your new roof installed, and not having to wonder if your old shingles will wind up in a landfill.

2. Do metal roofs detract from the look of the home?

It's easy to think that a metal roof looks industrial, but note that metal can be bent, curved, powder coated, and otherwise fabricated so that it looks very attractive. You might have metal fabricated to look like actual tiles, or curved to give it a country look. A darker powder coating can make the roof look like standard tiles. If you're concerned about its appearance, take time with a roofing contractor to look at all your options and choose a metal roof that looks good as well as being durable.

3. What is the difference between fasteners with metal roofs?

Fasteners can be concealed or exposed with metal roofs. Concealed fasteners are under the edge of the roof as it's bent down or curved around. Exposed fasteners are just the opposite, and exposed fasteners are often less expensive with metal roofs since the edges are not bent around them. In some cases, you may even like the more rustic look of exposed fasteners, but note how they will appear on your roof before you decide and invest in what looks best.

4. Does a metal roof affect a homeowner's insurance policy?

A metal roof might lower your homeowner's insurance as it's more fire resistant than other types of roofs. This can be especially true in areas prone to brushfire, lightning strikes, and the like. Ask your insurance representative if a metal roof will affect your policy as this might make any added costs of a metal roof worth that investment.

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