Signs You May Require Immediate Roof Repairs

17 February 2016
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Despite being designed for longevity, your roof takes a battering from exposure to the elements. As such, it is not uncommon to require roof repairs at one point or another. However, a common mistake homeowners make is ignoring the signs of roofing problems. This leads them to become increasingly aggravated over time, hence leading to your home requiring complete roof replacement. To avoid costly replacement, it is best to keep an eye out for some of the signs that you may require immediate roof repairs

Interior signs of roof damage

A good place to start when looking for signs of roof repairs is the interior of your home. Some of the indications that your roof may require professional roofing services include:

  • Dark spots forming on the ceiling of your home.
  • Conspicuous evidence of water trails on your ceiling.
  • Light beams through your roofing rafters.

The formation of dark spots and conspicuous water trails are evidence of water damage from your roof.  These need to be addressed post haste as the continuous exposure of water can lead to the entire roofing structure being compromised.

Sagging of your roof

When inspecting your roof from the outdoors, you need to look out for sagging. This will typically present itself with areas of your roofing appearing considerably lower than the rest of structure. A sagging roof can be detrimental to the structure of your home as there is excessive pressure being exerted on the roof's rafters. If these break, your entire roof will collapse in on itself. It would be best to seek the services of professional roofers to remedy these areas before the entire roof becomes compromised. 

Damaged flashing

Flashing refers to the materials used to seal areas on your roof that would pose the risk of leaks occurring in your roof. Such areas include around chimneys, where the roofing comes into contact with a sidewall and more. Typically, the most common materials that were used for flashing included cement and tar. Over time, these materials begin to crumble and disintegrate due to exposure to the sun, rain and more. If your flashing is damaged, it is recommended to opt for metal, which would last longer.

Corrosion on your roof

Corrosion will typically occur around any metallic fasteners and fittings that have been used on your roof. A good place to inspect for corrosion would be your gutters as these are what will collect water from your roof. If you notice that the paint is flaking or rust is gradually developing, it is best to enlist the services of professional roofers. They can then decide whether these metallic components will benefit from repainting or if you would have to replace them with new ones.