Weather Conditions Damaging Your Roof And Necessary Precautions To Counter The Damage

16 May 2016
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Different weather conditions affect your roof in different ways. It's important you protect your roof from adverse weather damage so that you can prolong its durability. Below is a guideline on damages caused by different weather conditions and ways to protect your roof and prevent the damage.

Wind Damage

Strong winds have a negative impact on roofing as they damage the joints and roofing structure. You may find that some pieces of your shingle roofing have dropped after a hurricane. This is a key sign that there could be greater damage on the roof. Also, a leaking roof, especially after a hurricane, is a key sign that the winds damaged your roof.

You should always remember to inspect the roof before and after a hurricane or windy season to see if there is any serious damage. Inspecting your roof before the windy season will allow you to repair any weak points. As a result, the roof might remain intact even after a major hurricane, or the damage experienced will be minimal.

Ice Dam Backlog

If you live in a snow-prone area, then you should be concerned about ice buildup along the edges of your roof. The snow at the upper parts of your roof melts and the water flows down the roof to the edges. However, the edges of your roofing are cooler and hence the water that drains is likely to refreeze once it gets to the edges.

The ice is dangerous because it prevents the water flowing from the melting snow to drain out through the gutter or to the ground. The water soon accumulates on the roof and may go through the roofing material into your house. To prevent ice buildup damage, purchase a roof rake and use it to remove any ice buildup on the edges of your roof.

Hail Damage

Hail stones can easily damage the roof or quicken its wear and tear process. Also, accumulation of hail stones on your roof may lead to seepage of water into the roof, which will weaken your roof even more. Remember that the type of damage hailstorms cause on the roofing is dependent on the type of roofing.

If you want to identify whether a hail storm has damaged your roof, observe the plants and trees. Severe hailstorms will strip the leaves off trees and plants, and such an impact on plants means that your roof is at high risk of damage. Call a specialist to do roof repairs and prevent further damage.

It's important you take necessary precautions to protect your roof from weather damage. Proper roof maintenance will keep leaks and other roof problems at bay.