Why Full Roof Restorations Should Be Considered For Older Roofs

27 May 2016
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A common mistake homeowners make is not paying any mind to their roofing as they assume roofs are built to last a lifetime. Although roofing is supposed to protect your residence from the varying weather elements for a significant amount of time, this does not mean it is immune to acquiring damage. The longer they act as a barrier against these elements, the more weakened the roof becomes over time. This is why it is prudent to consider full roof restoration once you realise you keep having to carry out repairs on your roofing. Here is why a full roof restoration, rather than patchwork repairs, would be ideal for an older roof .

A full roof restoration decreases the chances of developing leaks

If you are living with a roof that is gradually deteriorating, you stand a higher risk of developing leaks in your home that may go undetected. This is because the degradation of your roofing makes room for leaks to spring up from a number of places ranging from the flashing to the shingles. Having leaks from your roof not only puts your residence at risk of water damage. It also inadvertently puts your residence at risk of breeding mould and mildew, which pose a health risk to all inhabitants of the home. By the time you notice the signs of leaks in the form of damp spots in your walls or ceilings, the damage may be quite significant. When you opt for the restoration of your dilapidated roof, you are effectively taking steps toward the prevention of any leaks from springing up.

A full roof restoration prolongs the longevity of your roof

Hailstorms and gale force winds have a significant impact on the overall integrity of your roofing. You will find that over time, shingles or tiles will need to be replaced after each storm. Old flashing on your roofing will need constant repairs since the material will be compromised from aging. Patchwork repairs may seem like a convenient stopgap, but all this does is decrease the longevity of your roofing. When you opt for full roof restoration, the roofers effectively extend the overall lifespan of your roofing. This translates to fewer repairs over the following years, which reduces your roof maintenance costs.

A full roof restoration enhances your residence's real estate market price

If you are contemplating putting your home on the real estate market, one of the best places to start renovating to ensure you get a good market price is the roof. For one, the restoration ensures that the roofing is in good condition, so prospective buyers will not have something to nitpick about. Secondly, restoring your roof makes it more attractive, which translates to enhanced curb appeal for your home and a higher price listing.