Advantages of a Roof Restoration

3 November 2020
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Roof restoration involves various stages that revitalise the cladding so that it looks new. However, the process doesn't only offer a cosmetic fix. Your roof will be made entirely sound before the beautifying finishing phases. Here are several advantages.

Widespread Focus

Firstly, contractors check every centimetre and inspect every tile or metal sheet. They'll notice any gaps or holes, any cracked tiles and any burgeoning signs of rust. They don't just focus on one select area as they might with a repair. Thus, you can rest assured, knowing that every problem and potential issue will have been found and addressed. 

This broad focus prevents problems from worsening and eventually costing more. If rainwater, for example, unknowingly leaks into the roof cavity, you might only notice once spreading damp causes mould and dark patches to grow on the ceiling. By that time, you might confront damaged ceiling plaster, rotted timber beams and soaked insulation. 

Roof Looks New

As well as fixing the cladding to form a secure and sealed cover, the restoration process includes steps to make the roof look new. A pressure wash lifts dirt, debris and moss from the tiling or corrugated metal, leaving the surface spotless. Contractors can cover the cladding in various sealants in the same colour or a new hue. You can create a smarter looking curb view by building in contrast between the walls and roofing. For example, if the walls are red brick, you could cover the roof in dark charcoal to contrast against crisp white trim.

Better for the Environment

A restoration is better for the environment than replacing a roof prematurely as restoring the existing material uses less energy than producing new cladding. The sealants and coatings not only form a beautiful surface, but they waterproof your home and protect the tiles or metal from sun exposure, which helps to prolong the roof's life. Additionally, by reflecting solar heat away, a new roof can lower energy usage and air conditioning costs which benefit the environment further.

Improves Home's Appeal to Buyers

If your roof has undergone a restoration, it may increase the value of your home. If you're selling, buyers can feel comfort in knowing the roofing is safe and isn't hiding any undiscovered problems. Plus, bright cladding will improve the curb view, arousing the interest of more potential buyers. They'll know that the roof won't likely require any significant work for years.

To learn more about roof restoration, reach out to a local roofer.