Why Metal Is an Outstanding Roofing Material for Homes

30 December 2020
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If you're looking for a material with which to cover your home, one option is corrugated metal sheet roofing. To discover its benefits, read on.

Energy Efficiency

Metal roofs, typically steel, have a low thermal mass which means they don't absorb much solar heat. Thus, these roofs allow a home to cool down in fresh evening breezes. Conversely, materials such as concrete and terracotta tiles have a high thermal mass — they absorb the sun's heat during the day. Then, brimming with warmth, they radiate heat for hours after sunset, sometimes well into the evening. Because of this warmth emanating from the roof, your home won't have a chance to cool down during the night. Of course, if you live in a climate with hot days and cold nights, high thermal mass tile roofing can be beneficial.

Regardless of roofing material, paler coloured roofs tend to reflect more heat than darker hues. Additionally, you can install a roof with a reflective coat that bounces solar radiation away.


Metal roofs last for decades protecting your home. The sheets are encased in different elements that hinder rust. Zincalume steel is coated in a metal alloy mixture of aluminium and zinc. On top of a similar film, Colorbond bakes on an extra polyester paint layer for added durability. Thus, metal sheet roofing is built to endure rain, hail, wind and sun elements. Preserving your relaxation time, metal roofs demand little maintenance except a yearly inspection to ensure everything is whole and intact. Of course, if you notice any signs of issues such as roof leaks, a roofer can check the structure.


Metal roofs will safely protect your home, particularly in a bushfire prone area. Metal doesn't catch fire, so the roof won't provide a weak point where burning embers can enter the building. It will help to protect your home from fire. 

Design Options

Metal roofs offer plenty of different colours and profiles. The sheets come in a wide range of muted nature-inspired colours such as dusky-blue, beige, charcoal and cream. You'll also have various shapes to pick from, including the classic orb wave and more angular corrugated contours. Metal sheeting suits varied architectural styles, covering the gamut from heritage homes to contemporary structures with creatively pitched roofs. Roofers can also cover relatively flat roofs with sheets — being lightweight, metal doesn't require as much buttressing as heavy concrete and terracotta tiles.