2 Roofing Issues That Warrant Emergency Roof Repairs

20 December 2021
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Even though all roofing problems need to be addressed regardless of the type and severity, some require quicker intervention than others because they pose a major threat to the health of your roof and the overall stability of your home. This is why roofing contractors offer emergency roof repair services to their clients. 

Emergency roof repairs are designed for roofing issues that need to be dealt with immediately after they've been detected. These roofing issues simply can't wait until the normal business operating hours to get looked at.

If you'd like to know the various roofing problems that may warrant emergency roof repairs rather than regular repairs, you've come to the right place. Some of the top roofing problems that need emergency roof repairs are highlighted below.

1. Roof leaks

While a roof can have leaks due to mistakes made when designing and installing it, even a properly designed and installed roof can develop leaks if it's not maintained well. A roof leak requires urgent repair attention because it can cause major structural damage to your home by allowing rainwater to get inside. The damp environment that a leaky roof creates can also encourage potentially harmful biological microorganisms like mould, algae, and mildew to grow in your home.

A leaky roof can also pose an electrical hazard in your home, especially if it causes rainwater to come into direct contact with your home's wiring or other electrical installations. To add to that, the leaks within your roofing system can allow hot air to enter or escape from your home, thus increasing your annual residential heating and cooling bills. If you see signs that your residential roof is leaky, make sure you fix it immediately to avoid these undesirable outcomes.

2. Extreme weather events

While residential roofing systems are built to provide robust protection against the weather elements, they're not invulnerable to the damage that severe weather conditions can cause. Regardless of how strong and reliable your roof may be, it may get damaged by weather inclemencies like heavy snow, hail storms, and high winds. If a recent weather event has left your roof damaged, you'll need to get the roof fixed as soon as possible. 

While extreme weather events and roof leaks are two common reasons why you may need emergency roof repair services, many other roofing problems also demand immediate corrective action. Remember that if it can't wait, then you should call for emergency roof repairs.