Different Types of Metal Roof Restoration Coatings

1 July 2015
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Metal roofs are ideal for residential use because they are resilient, long-lasting and easy to maintain. However, they are susceptible to damage when exposed to unfavourable conditions. For instance, steel roofs are sealed using protective layers, but the surface can be scraped by nearby tree branches. This will expose the alloy to moisture and oxygen which will cause a rusting reaction and, consequently, leaking. It is important to carry out periodic maintenance and care tasks on metal roofs to restore their performance. One of the important restoration services for old metal roofs is the application of restorative coatings. Here are the main types of coatings available in the home improvement market.

Silicone Coating

Silicone is a synthetic polymer compound which is inert and rubber-like. It has many beneficial properties such as low thermal conductivity, water-resistance, low toxicity, resistance to UV light and it is a poor substrate for microbial growth. Silicone coatings which are used to restore metal roofs are suitable because of these advantages. In addition, the products can be used without a primer which makes them easy to apply. They will restore and even improve the performance of your metal roof once the coating is bonded to the surface. The main drawback of the silicone coatings is the high cost of purchase, but the long-term benefits are worthwhile.

Acrylic Coating

Acrylic coats are made from synthetic polymers, and they are probably the most popular metal roof restoration products in the market. This can be attributed to the low cost of purchase compared to alternatives like silicone. The coating can be applied through spraying on diverse types of metals, but a primer is required to promote adhesion of the material. You will need to apply several coats of the acrylic fluid to achieve optimal thickness during the restoration project. The primary drawback of the acrylic coatings is the vulnerability of the material to pooled water since the product is water-soluble.

Aluminium Coating

Aluminium coat products are suitable for spraying or rolling application on metal surfaces. They require a layer of primer like acrylic products to adhere to the roofing material. The achieved layers are highly reflective so they offer relatively high protection against the sun's rays. In addition, a thin aluminium layer will provide protection for your old roof. This will save you money in terms of the purchase price and application of the coatings. Unfortunately, the aluminium restoration products are not designed to provide complete waterproofing so they are not suitable for limiting leaks.

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