What are some tips for preparing your roof and gutters for spring?

19 February 2016
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As spring arrives, it is time to perform some essential home maintenance. Certain areas of your home need to recover from the winter season and get ready for warmer temperatures, such as the roof. Here are some tips for getting your roof and gutters ready for spring.

Clean Out Your Gutters

Always start the roof maintenance process by cleaning out your gutters. This is something you should be doing on a regular basis, as it helps to prevent damage from too much weight in the gutters, ice dams during the winter, and the attraction of pests. Get out your ladder and walk up until you can easily reach the gutter without bending too much. You might need to sit on the roof to get this done. Put on some gloves and begin pulling out all the debris you find. It is likely filled with leaves, sticks, dirt, and other debris. If it rained recently, the debris might be wet, so keep that in mind.

Look For Signs of Rust

If you have a metal roof, you are also at a high risk for rust. Rust tends to form due to moisture, so if there was a lot of rain or snow during the winter, you may have some rusted areas of the roof. Check the metal roofing panels or shingles and look for signs of rust or deterioration. You may be able to remove the rust by scrubbing them with a wire brush. Sand them after cleaning the rust to give them a smooth surface. If the rust is not coming off, you may be better off replacing those damaged panels.

Inspect the Shingles or Roofing Tiles

Other types of roofs also need careful inspection of the roofing materials. This is a good time to check the quality of your shingles, regardless of the material they are made out of. Check to see if any of them are cracked or torn and need to be replaced. You might have areas of your roof where shingles where pulled off completely due to a heavy wind, or some that look damaged. Check for cracks in any roofing tiles or panels you have as well.

Check the Vents and Flashing

Finally, check the vents on your roof to ensure they are still in good condition. You want to have excellent ventilation when the spring season arrives and you start using your air conditioner. Also check flashing around the chimney, roof vents, and skylights for signs of rust or deterioration, as they might also need to be replaced.

If you find a lot of damage, you may need to contact local roofing companies about roof restorations before the damage can spread and get even worse.