What Is a Roof Restoration and Is It Right For Your Home?

23 February 2016
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Investing in a home's roof can protect the building materials in the attic or crawlspace from damage and also help to keep your home insulated. Many homeowners put off this job in order to avoid the expense but may not realize the options they have for roof restoration and repair. Note a few facts about a roof restoration job and if it's right for your home, and then discuss these with a contractor if you still have questions about your home's roof.

1. What is a restoration coating?

A roof restoration can mean any type of repair to your roof, but it usually means a coating that is applied over your current roof, to seal cracks and other damage and create a barrier that acts like a new roof. This coating is typically a latex type of material that is applied with rollers, or it may be a rubber material that is sprayed on or otherwise added over your home's existing roof. A latex coating is more lightweight than rubber, so for older homes or those that cannot manage the added weight of a rubber coating, it can be the better option.

2. When does a roof need restoration versus minor repairs?

If you've only had a few shingles blow off your roof from a storm and the materials under the shingles are in good repair, you may only need to have those replaced. However, note the condition of your roof's shingles overall. Are they curled, cracked, or shrunken? If so, you probably want to get a roof restoration coating put over them. Even if those shingles are firmly in place, once they get damaged, they are more likely to blow away and are not covering your roof and protecting it as they should.

3. Can a restoration take the place of a roof replacement?

You might want to replace your roof completely if you're looking to use a new material on your roof. For example, you might prefer the look of cedar shakes or of a metal roof. If the roofing material under the shingles is damaged, these will usually need to be replaced altogether rather than having a coating put over them.

However, don't assume that even extensive damage to your roof means you need a new roof altogether. Typically, a roof restoration coating can be put over a rusted metal roof or a roof that is missing many tiles. Discuss this option with a roofing contractor even if your home's roof has suffered what you think is severe damage, so you know all your options.