Reasons to Install Metal Roofing

9 April 2021
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If your old roof starts to wear out and you need to update it, you could consider metal roofing. To discover reasons to install this material, read on.


Metal roofing is highly durable as it consists of a base metal covered with protective coatings. Galvanised steel has a layer of zinc that inhibits rust. Zincalume is coated in a mixture of aluminium, zinc and silicon. Colorbond roofing sheets are wrapped in a similar alloy. Plus, they feature an additional polyester paint layer that safeguards the steel from the elements. With all these sophisticated layers, a metal roof typically endures for decades. If you live in a coastal region, consider installing a metal roof designed explicitly with marine grade materials.


Metal roofs create a beautifully seamless look on a house as they consist of large sheets rather than numerous tiny tiles that look busy. The metal sheets are moulded with attractive grooves and contours, such as the classic orb wave, which adds visual interest while channelling rainwater away. Metal roofs come in diverse colours like grey, blue, green, red, cream and many other colours. So you'll have no problems finding the perfect complement for your home.


Metal is relatively lightweight compared to other roofing options such as concrete and terracotta tiles. Thus, metal won't stress a building as much as tiled roofs may. If you are switching from tiles to metal, you shouldn't have any problems. However, if you switch from metal to tile, your home may need an inspection to assess whether it can carry the tiles' weight. Because metal is light, it offers a perfect solution for large houses with extensive roofing area and older homes.


Metal roofs are extremely energy-efficient so long as you combine them with the appropriate insulation for your local climate. Metal does not absorb solar heat as tiles do, so it allows your home to cool down during the night after a hot summer's day. To reflect sunlight away from a building and keep it cool, you can cover the metal sheets in reflective coatings.

A roof's colour is also relevant to how it handles heat. Paler shades are often more reflective than darker ones, so bear this in mind when picking the colour, especially if you live in Australia's hot northern regions. Roofing insulation will also help to create a sound barrier across the house and muffle outside noise.