Reasons for Installing Metal Sheet Roofing

25 August 2021
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Once you've decided to replace the roof on your home, you need to choose a material. Standard options include concrete or terracotta tiles, or metal sheet roofing. Consider the following reasons for going with a metal roof.

Colour Variety

Metal roofs come in various colours to harmonise with different coloured buildings. You could install silver galvanised steel to give the building a rustic, vintage look. Alternatively, choose from a vast range of roofs that come in shades of red, brown, green, cream and other hues.

Take a holistic view by noting the colours of the external walls and trim when picking the roof shade. If you're not altering those colours at the same time, then choose a third colour to complement them. Contrasts between the roof and the walls will eliminate the chance of blandness. You could install a dark charcoal roof on a home with red or cream external walls, for example. If you want to stick with one colour, pick a dramatically lighter or darker shade of the walls for the roof.


Metal roofing is a relatively light material, so it won't put pressure on the building structure. Typically, you'll have no problems with swapping heavier tiles for lighter metal. However, if you shift in reverse from metal to tiles, an engineer will need to inspect your home to assess its structural strength. If you're trying to care for an old house, you may prefer metal roofing, which can put less stress on the fundamental components.


Metal roofs have a low thermal mass. This attribute means that your house can quickly cool down in the night air at the end of a hot day. Metal doesn't absorb solar heat during the day and radiate warmth for hours after the sun sets, which is what happens with concrete and terracotta tiles. You can also apply a reflective coat to metal sheets to deflect solar radiation away, keeping your home cooler. To help maintain a cosy and warm atmosphere in winter, contractors can lay an insulating blanket underneath the sheeting.


Even though metal is lightweight, it's a durable material that withstands exposure to the elements, typically lasting decades on a house. You have a choice between roofs with various protective coatings. For example, galvanised steel is zinc plated. For extra resilience, you could opt for zincalume, with a layer of zinc plus aluminium. The most durable option may use zincalume covered with hard polyester paint.