Different Types of Coatings to Use in Your Roof Restoration Project

15 March 2022
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The roof is one of the most critical structures in your home. Protecting your home against the elements, your roof also has significant energy saving and aesthetic benefits. Most roofs are generally built to last for years. However, years of acting as the first line of defence against the elements can damage your roof at some point down the line. And when this happens, a roof restoration is a cost-effective solution to repairing it. Typically, roof restoration entails several processes, including inspections, making the necessary repairs and applying coatings for added protection. This piece assesses the different types of roof coatings you can use in your next roof restoration project.

Acrylic Coatings

Acrylic coatings are some of the most popular roof coatings you will find in the markets. They are water-based coatings known for their light weight, durability and cost-effectiveness. Moreover, they are highly reflective, ideal for extreme UV climates. In addition, their highly reflective properties make these coatings suitable for hot climates as they can help reflect much of the sun, lowering your roof's surface temperature and keeping your home cooler. Acrylic coatings also perform well in dirt and mildew resistance. They are also versatile and can work well with most types of roofs.

On the downside, acrylic coatings tend to be prone to weathering and don't hold up well against ponding water. Therefore, ensure your roof has proper drainage if you want to get the most out of acrylic coatings.

Asphalt Coatings

Asphalt is a common roofing material, so you can also consider asphalt coatings for your roof restoration project. They are widely available, reasonably durable compared to other coatings, and equally inexpensive. Generally, these coatings tend to be most effective when used to provide a membrane for other roof coating systems or when applied over other asphalt coatings or substrates. However, they are also water-based, making them susceptible to freezing temperatures. Therefore, applying them in cold weather conditions may not bring the perfect results.

Silicone Coatings

Silicone coatings are the go-to solution if you are looking for resistance to ponding water and maximum UV protection. Like their acrylic counterparts, silicone coatings can be installed on many roof types. They are also durable as they tend to erode slower than most other roof coatings. However, these coatings tend to attract dirt faster than other coatings. Therefore, you need to clean them regularly to maintain their reflectivity. What's more, they can be quite slippery in wet conditions and may not be the safest to walk on unless you have roof granules.

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